Getting Your SSS PRN Number: Easy Methods

The Social Security System or SSS PRN number is an important piece of information for Filipino workers. Your PRN serves as your membership identification number with SSS. Knowing your SSS PRN number allows you to access services, make contributions, apply for loans, monitor your status, and more.

Moreover, this unique number stays with you for life, so it’s essential to get and keep track of your PRN. Here’s a guide on how to get your SSS PRN number through various methods.

Online Through My.SSS

The easiest way to get your PRN number is online through the My.SSS portal. It allows SSS members secure access to their information and records including the PRN. To get your SSS PRN online:

  • First, visit the My.SSS website and click Register. Provide your personal details like name, birthdate, email, and mobile number. Make sure to use information matching your SSS records.
  • After registering, log in to access your My.SSS account. Under the membership information page, you’ll find your PRN number. Take note and save this number for future use.

The online facility makes finding your PRN quick and convenient. As long as you have an SSS account, you can retrieve your PRN instantly at any time through My.SSS.

Retrieving Your PRN Through Text

Text messaging provides a convenient way to get your SSS PRN on the go. To use the SSS Text Inquiry service for your PRN, you first need to register your mobile number. Do this by texting SSS REG <SS Number> <Birthday MM/DD/YYYY> to 2600.

For instance, you can text: SSS REG 0529310429 07/20/1990

Once registered, simply text SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN> <Birthday MM/DD/YYYY> to 2600 to receive your PRN.

Take note that each text inquiry costs ₱2.50 for Globe and Smart subscribers, and ₱2.00 for Sun subscribers. However, the convenience of getting your SSS PRN anywhere via text makes it worthwhile.

Getting your PRN via text is easy and fast. As long as you have your mobile number registered with SSS, you can retrieve your PRN even without internet access.

Obtaining Your PRN By Phone

Aside from online and text, you can also generate your SSS PRN by phone. Simply call the SSS online helpdesk at 920-6446 to 55 or the toll-free hotline at 1-800-10-2255-777.

The SSS hotline operates 24/7, Monday to Friday. So you can call anytime within those days to speak with an agent and request your PRN. Have your SS number, PIN, and birth date ready to verify your identity.

After providing the required personal details, the SSS agent will retrieve and relay your PRN over the call. Make sure to write it down for your records.

Calling the SSS hotline gives you another hands-free way to conveniently obtain your PRN number. As long as you have a few minutes and access to a phone, you can easily get your SSS PRN through the dedicated helplines.

Through Email

If you prefer email, SSS can also send your PRN number to your registered email address. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your My.SSS account and click the “Send PRN to Email” link.
  • Enter the email address where you want your SSS PRN sent. Make sure to use an active email associated with your SSS membership.
  • Click send. You’ll receive an email containing your complete SSS PRN number.

Keep the email in your inbox so that you can pull out your PRN number whenever required.

Email is another convenient channel to access your PRN digitally. As long as your email address is updated in the SSS records, you can request for PRN delivery via email.

Through SSS Branch Visits

For those who prefer dealing with SSS in person, you can also get your PRN number by visiting any SSS branch (If you are living abroad, check SSS OFW branches).

Just proceed to the PRN Unit or Information Desk and fill out a PRN Form. Make sure to provide information like your SSS number, full name, date of birth, and contact details.

The SSS personnel will check your membership records and print out a paper containing your PRN number. Don’t forget to keep the paper in a safe place for future reference.

Visiting the SSS branch is ideal if you want personalized service in obtaining your PRN. Just allot time for the trip and for queues at the PRN unit.

Without PRN Number

What if you need to transact with SSS but don’t have your PRN yet? Don’t worry as you can still process SSS transactions without a PRN.

For contributions (check the latest SSS table), salary loans, and other SSS transactions, your 10-digit SSS number is sufficient.

However, it’s still highly recommended to get your PRN to make transactions smoother and enable access to SSS services online. Your PRN eliminates hassles so try to generate it as soon as you can.

Your SSS PRN number serves as your main identifier for all SSS transactions and services. Make sure to get and note down your PRN through one of the various channels.

Keep your PRN handy so you can conveniently access SSS benefits and programs anytime.

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