SSS Contribution Table for OFWs (Land-Based) in 2023

The SSS Contribution Table for OFWs (Land-Based) is a document that outlines the monthly contributions that Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are required to pay to the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. OFWs who are based in other countries and earn a foreign salary are required to pay the same contributions as any other member of the SSS.

OFWs are required to make monthly contributions to the SSS to be eligible for the benefits and services provided by the organization. These benefits include retirement, disability, and survivor’s pensions, as well as loans and other forms of financial assistance.

The SSS Contribution Table for OFWs (Land-Based) lists the minimum and maximum monthly salary credits, as well as the corresponding monthly contributions for each salary bracket. The table also includes the total monthly contributions for those who are paying for the optional SSS loan, maternity benefits, sickness benefits, and/or death and funeral benefits.

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What are the SSS Contribution Rates for OFWs?

OFWs are divided into two categories: land-based and sea-based. The contribution rates for land-based OFWs are as follows:

  • For those earning a monthly salary of PHP 10,000 or less, the contribution rate is 14% of the regular monthly salary credit. For example, your monthly salary credit is PHP 9,500, so in this case, your contribution amount would be PHP 1,330 (₱9500 x 14%).
  • For those earning a monthly salary of more than PHP 20,000, the contribution rate is 14% of the total monthly salary credit (Regular SS + Worker’s Investment and Savings Program amount). For example, if your Regular Social Security is PHP 20,000 and your Worker’s Investment and Savings Program (WISP) is PHP 1,000, then your contribution amount would be PHP 2,940 (₱21,000 x 14%).

These rates are subject to change on a yearly basis. OFWs are advised to check our website regularly for the most up-to-date information on contribution rates.

How are SSS Contributions for OFWs (Land-Based) calculated?

The SSS uses a progressive contribution schedule, which means that the higher the salary, the higher the contribution. The monthly salary used to calculate the contribution is the total amount received by the member, including allowances and bonuses.

For OFWs, the range of compensation to compute the contribution is Below PHP 8,250 to PHP 29,750 and over. The amount of contribution ranges from PHP 1,120 to PHP 4,200 per month.

You can use the SSS Contribution Calculator for quick and precise results.

How to pay SSS contributions for OFWs?

OFWs can pay their SSS contributions at any SSS foreign representative office or accredited bank in the country where they are based. They can also pay through the SSS Electronic Payment System (EPS) or through authorized collecting agents.

It is important for OFWs to regularly pay their SSS contributions to ensure that they are eligible for the various benefits offered by the SSS, such as retirement, disability, and death benefits.

OFWs who are unable to pay their contributions on time can apply for a repayment program, which allows them to pay their overdue contributions in installments.

SSS Contribution Table for OFW’s (Land-Based)

Range of CompensationMonthly Salary CreditAmount of Contributions
Regular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotalRegular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotal
Below 8,250₱8,000₱8,000₱1,120₱1,120
₱8,250 – 8,749.99₱8,500₱8,500₱1,190₱1,190
₱8,750 – 9,249.99₱9,000₱9,000₱1,260₱1,260
₱9,250 – 9,749.99₱9,500₱9,500₱1,330₱1,330
₱9,750 – 10,249.99₱10,000₱10,000₱1,400₱1,400
₱10,250 – 10,749.99₱10,500₱10,500₱1,470₱1,470
₱10,750 – 11,249.99₱11,000₱11,000₱1,540₱1,540
₱11,250 – 11,749.99₱11,500₱11,500₱1,610₱1,610
₱11,750 – 12,249.99₱12,000₱12,000₱1,680₱1,680
₱12,250 – 12,749.99₱12,500₱12,500₱1,750₱1,750
₱12,750 – 13,249.99₱13,000₱13,000₱1,820₱1,820
₱13,250 – 13,749.99₱13,500₱13,500₱1,890₱1,890
₱13,750 – 14,249.99₱14,000₱14,000₱1,960₱1,960
₱14,250 – 14,749.99₱14,500₱14,500₱2,030₱2,030
₱14,750 – 15,249.99₱15,000₱15,000₱2,100₱2,100
₱15,250 – 15,749.99₱15,500₱15,500₱2,170₱2,170
₱15,750 – 16,249.99₱16,000₱16,000₱2,240₱2,240
₱16,250 – 16,749.99₱16,500₱16,500₱2,310₱2,310
₱16,750 – 17,249.99₱17,000₱17,000₱2,380₱2,380
₱17,250 – 17,749.99₱17,500₱17,500₱2,450₱2,450
₱17,750 – 18,249.99₱18,000₱18,000₱2,520₱2,520
₱18,250 – 18,749.99₱18,500₱18,500₱2,590₱2,590
₱18,750 – 19,249.99₱19,000₱19,000₱2,660₱2,660
₱19,250 – 19,749.99₱19,500₱19,500₱2,730₱2,730
₱19,750 – 20,249.99₱20,000₱20,000₱2,800₱2,800
₱20,250 – 20,749.99₱20,000₱500₱20,500₱2,800₱70₱2,870
₱20,750 – 21,249.99₱20,000₱1,000₱21,000₱2,800₱140₱2,940
₱21,250 – 21,749.99₱20,000₱1,500₱21,500₱2,800₱210₱3,010
₱21,750 – 22,249.99₱20,000₱2,000₱22,000₱2,800₱280₱3,080
₱22,250 – 22,749.99₱20,000₱2,500₱22,500₱2,800₱350₱3,150
₱22,750 – 23,249.99₱20,000₱3,000₱23,000₱2,800₱420₱3,220
₱23,250 – 23,749.99₱20,000₱3,500₱23,500₱2,800₱490₱3,290
₱23,750 – 24,249.99₱20,000₱4,000₱24,000₱2,800₱560₱3,360
₱24,250 – 24,749.99₱20,000₱4,500₱24,500₱2,800₱630₱3,430
₱24,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱5,000₱25,000₱2,800₱700₱3,500
₱25,250 – 25,749.99₱20,000₱5,500₱25,500₱2,800₱770₱3,570
₱25,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱6,000₱26,000₱2,800₱840₱3,640
₱26,250 – 26,749.99₱20,000₱6,500₱26,500₱2,800₱910₱3,710
₱26,750 – 26,249.99₱20,000₱7,000₱27,000₱2,800₱980₱3,780
₱27,250 – 27,749.99₱20,000₱7,500₱27,500₱2,800₱1,050₱3,850
₱27,750 – 27,249.99₱20,000₱8,000₱28,000₱2,800₱1,120₱3,920
₱28,250 – 28,749.99₱20,000₱8,500₱28,500₱2,800₱1,190₱3,990
₱28,750 – 28,249.99₱20,000₱9,000₱29,000₱2,800₱1,260₱4,060
₱29,250 – 29,749.99₱20,000₱9,500₱29,500₱2,800₱1,330₱4,130
₱29,750 – Over₱20,000₱10,000₱30,000₱2,800₱1,400₱4,200

Source: SSS OFWs Contribution Schedule (Facebook Page)

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To determine your premium payment based on a monthly salary of ₱19,500, simply locate the row labeled ₱19,250 – ₱19,749.99 in the first column of the Compensation Range. Your premium payment in this situation would be ₱2,730.

I’m an OFW. Can my family members in the Philippines contribute to My Behalf?

Assigning a representative back home to contribute to OFWs is a viable option for securing their social security benefits.

Family members in the Philippines can contribute on behalf of OFWs, provided that the necessary payment details are given and posted contributions are regularly monitored to ensure remittance to the SSS.

This option is particularly useful for OFWs who do not have the time or capacity to pay their contributions themselves.

There are two main payment options for family members who wish to contribute on behalf of OFWs: overseas remittance or paying at any SSS-accredited collecting partner in the Philippines.

To ensure that contributions are properly credited to the OFW’s account, the family member must provide supporting documents, such as the OFW’s PRN (Payment Reference Number) and other payment details.

It is also important for the OFW to regularly monitor their posted contributions to ensure that they are properly remitted to the SSS.

By taking these steps, OFWs can ensure that they are able to secure their social security benefits even while working abroad. Also, this makes them eligible for pension benefits, for which you can calculate the amount with the SSS Pension Calculator.


    1. The maximum OFW SSS remittance for 2023 is not yet announced as of the moment. It is usually released by the Social Security System (SSS) at the beginning of the year. As for your surprise with the amount you paid, there may have been changes or adjustments in the SSS contribution rates or rules that affected the amount. It would be best to verify this with the SSS directly or through their online channels.

  1. Hi,

    My mother is based in Dubai. The last time she made SSS Contribution was Dec 2017. Since then, she’s no longer able to do her contribution. What would be the next steps if I will be the one filing the contributions from now on?

    1. To file your mother’s SSS contributions, you need to check her account status, settle any unpaid contributions or penalties, choose a payment mode and period, prepare necessary documents, and submit them to the SSS office or authorized payment center. Following these steps will ensure that her contributions are updated and avoid any future problems with her benefits.

  2. Dear SSS,
    I am a OFW at the moment and want to continue my SSS monthly contribution. My last contribution was on February 2022 which was paid by my employer when i was still a company employee until February 2022. Can i still pay my backlog from March 2022 to December 2022? I want to pay it so i can update my payment this 2023.

    Thank you and waiting for your feedback.

    1. Yes, you can still pay your SSS backlog from March 2022 to December 2022 even if you are no longer employed by the company that previously paid for your contributions. You can make these payments as a voluntary member through any SSS branch or authorized payment center.

      We encourage you to update your payments as soon as possible to ensure that your SSS records are accurate and up-to-date. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  3. last contribution ko sa sss ay noong 2012 pa from local employment. im working abroad now. gusto ko magbalik loob sa sss, mag hulog ng contribution ba. saan at paano ako magsisimula anong uri ng documents ang kailangan.

    1. Kung nais mong magpatuloy sa paghuhulog ng kontribusyon sa SSS, maaari kang magrehistro bilang isang voluntary member. Maaari kang mag-download ng aplikasyon mula sa kanilang website, o kaya ay pumunta sa pinakamalapit na SSS branch sa iyong lugar para mag-request ng mga kaukulang form. Kailangan mong magpakita ng ilang mga dokumento, tulad ng iyong passport at proof of overseas employment, para ma-validate ang iyong aplikasyon. Para sa karagdagang detalye, makipag-ugnayan ka sa SSS sa kanilang website o hotline.

  4. Dear SSS
    I am an ofw making P1,100 monthly contribution.
    I want to increase my monthly contribution to P4,200 monthly.
    Can I adjust it on my next contribution or do I apply first to change my contribution.

    1. You need to apply first to change your SSS contribution amount to increase it from P1,100 to P4,200. Once you’ve submitted the request, the new contribution amount will be applied to the applicable period on your next payment.

  5. The blog details the required OFW monthly contribution based on their salary. Why not add information on how much can be expected as monthly pension upon retirement based on their monthly contribution?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We understand the importance of providing complete and accurate information to our readers, including details on the expected monthly pension for OFWs based on their monthly contributions.

      We appreciate your suggestion and will work on incorporating this information in our future blog posts to provide our readers with a more comprehensive understanding of the SSS program and its benefits.

  6. Dear SSS,
    My husband last monthly contribution was 2014, nothing follows due to travel ban and difficulty of returning back for work in Libya. Now, he is working in Papua New Guinea and he wants to continue to pay his monthly contributions. Pls. Advise what to do.

    1. To continue paying monthly contributions, your husband can either register as a voluntary member or continue his previous membership. He can do this by filling out the necessary forms and submitting them through their online portal.
      It’s also important to note that your husband may have unpaid contributions from 2014 to the present, which can affect his entitlement to SSS benefits. He may also need to settle any unpaid contributions and penalties before he can resume his membership.

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