In the Philippines, SSS plays a vital role in supporting and assisting its registered members, including coverage for various contingencies such as sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, and death. One vital component of this coverage is the SSS sickness benefit, which is a cash allowance granted to members who are unable to work due to illness or injury.

To make the process of determining the benefits accessible and transparent, we have introduced the SSS Sickness Calculator Philippines for SSS members’ convenience.

SSS Sickness Benefit Calculator

Sickness Benefit Amount (₱):

This article will guide you through the process of navigating and understanding this helpful tool, which streamlines the calculation of your sickness benefits and ensures that you receive accurate and timely financial assistance from the Philippine government during your time of need.

What is SSS Sickness Benefit Calculator & How Does It Work?

The SSS Sickness Benefit Calculator is a tool to help individuals estimate how much they are entitled to receive in terms of sickness benefits.

This calculator works by taking into account the user’s monthly contributions and the number of days they are unable to work due to sickness, as well as other factors such as the total number of contributions made by the user.

Once all the required data has been entered, the tool will generate an estimate of the amount that the user is eligible to receive in sickness benefits.

This can be incredibly helpful for individuals who need financial assistance while they are unable to work due to sickness.

What is SSS Sickness Benefit?

The SSS Sickness Benefit is a program offered by the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines that provides financial support to active SSS members in case of a temporary disability or incapacity to work due to sickness or injury.

It’s a form of financial assistance to help the member cover their medical expenses and other daily needs while they’re in the process of recovery.

Who are eligible for SSS Sickness Benefit?

Active SSS members who have paid at least one (1) monthly contribution before the semester of sickness are eligible to apply for the SSS Sickness Benefit.

They should have also been confined in a hospital for at least four (4) days or have been on home confinement due to their illness or injury for at least three (3) days.

How long can a member avail of the SSS Sickness Benefit?

A member can avail of SSS Sickness Benefit for a maximum of 90 days per year, regardless if it’s a continuous or intermittent period of sickness.

How many days to claim SSS Sickness Benefit?

To claim SSS Sickness Benefit, the Sickness Benefit Application Form must be submitted to the SSS within five (5) calendar days after the start of confinement.

This is important to ensure that the application will be processed and the benefit can be granted promptly. However, if the ECQ or GCQ has been lifted, the application must be submitted within sixty (60) calendar days.

It’s essential to keep these deadlines in mind and submit the necessary documents as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving the benefit.

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How to Apply for SSS Sickness Benefit?

Applying for the SSS Sickness Benefit can be done through the following steps:

What are the requirements needed for the SSS Sickness Benefit application?

Before applying for the SSS Sickness Benefit, make sure you have the following requirements:

  • Signed sickness benefit application form (which can be downloaded from the SSS website)
  • Sickness notification (which can also be downloaded from the SSS website)
  • Medical certificate or clearance from the attending physician (if required by SSS)
  • Valid ID with photo and signature

Can a member apply for SSS Sickness Benefit online via the SSS website?

Yes, members can apply for SSS Sickness Benefit online by logging in to their SSS account through the SSS website. They can file their claim by filling out the application form and attaching the required documents.

Once submitted, they will receive a confirmation and reference number which they can use to track the status of their application.

What is the daily SSS Sickness Benefit reimbursement rate?

The daily SSS Sickness Benefit reimbursement rate varies depending on the member’s average daily salary credit (ADSC) in the last 12 months before the semester of sickness.

The reimbursement rate is equal to 90% of the member’s ADSC, subject to a minimum and maximum amount (which are determined by SSS).

What Happens When You Notify the SSS of Your Sickness?

Notifying the SSS of your sickness is a crucial step in availing of the SSS Sickness Benefit. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Sickness Notification Form?

The Sickness Notification Form is a document that must be submitted to the SSS by the member or the member’s employer to inform them that the member is unable to work due to sickness or injury.

It must be submitted within five (5) days from the start of the member’s incapacity to work.

How to submit the Sickness Notification Form?

The Sickness Notification Form can be submitted personally by the member or employer to the nearest SSS office.
It can also be submitted online through the SSS website by attaching a scanned copy of the signed form.

What happens if you fail to notify the SSS of your sickness?

If a member fails to notify the SSS of their sickness within five days, their benefit may be delayed or even forfeited.
Thus, it’s important to submit the required documents on time to avoid any problems in the processing of their claim.

How Much SSS Sickness Benefit Will You Receive?

The amount of SSS Sickness Benefit a member will receive is based on the computation of the daily reimbursement rate:

How is the SSS Sickness Benefit amount calculated?

The SSS Sickness Benefit amount is computed based on the member’s ADSC and the number of days of their approved sick leave. The formula is as follows:

Daily Sickness Benefit = (ADSC x 90%)/ 30 days
Total Sickness Benefit = Daily Sickness Benefit x Approved Days of Sick Leave

What is the Average Daily Salary Credit?

The Average Daily Salary Credit refers to the average of the member’s total salary credits in the last 12 months before the semester of sickness divided by 180 days.
This is used to determine the daily reimbursement rate a member is entitled to for their approved sick leave.

Other Important Things to Know About SSS Sickness Benefit

Here are other important things to know about SSS Sickness Benefits:

How long does the SSS Sickness Benefit cover the period?

The SSS Sickness Benefit covers a maximum of 90 days per year, whether continuous or not.
It starts from the first day of the sick leave and ends on the date the member’s full recovery or maximum benefit period has been used up.

What are the other benefits a member can receive from SSS due to sickness or injury?

Aside from the SSS Sickness Benefit, an eligible member can also avail of the following benefits:

  • Medical reimbursement – reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during the member’s confinement or home care as prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Disability benefit – cash benefit paid to a member who becomes permanently disabled due to an injury or sickness.
  • Funeral benefit – cash benefit paid to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member to cover their funeral expenses.

What should the employer do in case of their employee’s sickness?

When an employee needs to take a sick leave, their employer must accomplish the Employer’s Notification to SSS (Form B-309) and submit it together with the employee’s Sickness Notification Form to the nearest SSS office.

This will ensure that the member’s benefit will be processed and released on time.

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SSS Sickness Benefit Guide for Members and Companies

Here’s how you can use an SSS Sickness Calculator to estimate your benefit:

How to check monthly contributions and eligibility for SSS Sickness Benefit?

Members can check their monthly contributions and eligibility for SSS Sickness Benefit by logging in to their SSS account through the SSS website.
They can also inquire about their eligibility by visiting the nearest SSS branch.

What are the steps to receive SSS Sickness Benefit?

The steps to receive SSS Sickness Benefit are as follows:

  1. File a claim for the SSS Sickness Benefit either personally or online, attaching the required documents.
  2. Wait for the confirmation and reference number from SSS.
  3. Check the status of your claim by logging in to your account through the SSS website.
  4. Receive your benefit through your preferred mode of payment (either through the bank or alternative SSS Contribution Payments Through Partner Channels).

What to make sure of when filling out the SSS Sickness Benefit application?

Make sure to check the following before submitting your SSS Sickness Benefit application:

  • Accurate and complete information in the application form.
  • The required documents are attached and valid.
  • Submitted within the deadline set by the SSS.
  • The claimed benefit amount is correct and reflects the member’s actual AD

Final Thoughts

The SSS Sickness Calculator proves to be an essential tool for employees and employers in managing and estimating sickness benefits from the Philippines’ Social Security System.

By factoring in the employee’s monthly salary credits, contribution history, and adherence to the 90-day allowance period, the calculator provides a personalized estimate of the benefits one can expect to receive during a period of illness.

Moreover, it offers transparency, eases the process of claims, and ensures that individuals are accurately compensated during their time of need. Thus, the SSS Sickness Calculator remains invaluable in promoting financial security in times of health uncertainties.