SSS MAT 1 Form: Maternity Notification Made Simple!

The Social Security System or SSS MAT 1 Form is an important document that every pregnant employed SSS member needs to file. This maternity notification form serves as an advanced notice to your employer and the SSS that you will be taking maternity leave.

Properly filing the MAT 1 form on time ensures your maternity benefits from SSS will be processed without delay. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the SSS maternity notification form.

What is SSS MAT 1 Form?

The MAT 1 form is officially known as the SSS Maternity Notification Form. This maternity notification form is filed by pregnant, employed SSS members to inform their employer and SSS that they are expecting a child and will avail of maternity benefits.

Some key details about the SSS MAT 1 form:

  • It is provided by the Social Security System or SSS. The SSS is the government agency that manages the contributions and benefits of private employees in the Philippines.
  • The latest version of the form is the SSS MAT 1 Form revised in 1999. This is a one-page notification form.
  • Its official name is “Maternity Notification” but it is more commonly called MAT 1 or SSS MAT 1 form.
  • The MAT 1 form is submitted together with supporting documents like a pregnancy test result or ultrasound scan.
  • It notifies SSS and employer when the expected date of delivery is at least 60 days in advance.

In summary, the SSS MAT 1 is an essential maternity leave document that should be filed by any pregnant SSS member planning to claim maternity benefits.

What Information do I Include in SSS MAT 1 Form?

The SSS MAT 1 form requires the following key details:

  • Member’s full name and SSS ID Number
  • Full name and SSS ID of spouse (if married)
  • Expected date of delivery or birth of child
  • Employer name, address, ID number
  • Date form was filed and signature

Important reminders when filling out SSS MAT 1 details:

  • Expected date of delivery must be at least 60 days from date of filing MAT 1.
  • Attach proof of pregnancy such as ultrasound result, medical certificate or pregnancy test report.
  • Form must be signed by employer representative to certify they were notified.
  • Signature of SSS member on the form is also required before submission.

Having complete and accurate information on your SSS maternity notification ensures fast processing and immediate release of your maternity benefit claims.

How To Fill Out the SSS MAT1 Form Online?

The SSS now allows online filing of the MAT 1 form through their website. Here is a quick guide on how to fill out SSS MAT 1 form online:

Step 1. Visit the SSS website and verify if your SSS number is active under your name by checking your membership details online. Register an online account if you don’t have one.

Step 2. Login your SSS online account and access the MAT 1 maternity notification form under e-Services.

Step 3. Fill out all the required fields with your personal details, expected delivery date, employer details and signature.

Step 4. Attach supporting documents like pregnancy test results and certifications as proof of pregnancy.

Step 5. Double check that all information you provided is accurate before submitting the maternity notification form online.

The SSS website will prompt you to review and confirm details before receiving the form. Once submitted, you will get an email confirmation from SSS on your maternity notification filing.

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When is SSS MAT 1 Form Due?

For your maternity notification to be valid, the SSS MAT 1 form must be submitted at least 60 days before your expected date of delivery.

This 60-day rule on advance notification applies whether you submit the MAT 1 form online, personally at SSS branch or through your employer’s representative.

Some important reminders on SSS maternity notification deadline:

  • Have your pregnancy test or ultrasound schedule early to meet 60-day deadline.
  • File the form as soon as you are able to confirm pregnancy and expected delivery date.
  • Late filing of MAT 1 form can result in delayed processing of maternity reimbursements.

Meeting the SSS maternity notification due date ensures you get your maternity benefit claims on time.

Is SSS MAT 1 Form Accompanied by Other Documents?

Yes, the SSS MAT 1 form must be accompanied by supporting documents that will prove the pregnancy, such as:

  • Pregnancy test results – official laboratory test result or certification signed by attending obstetrician
  • Ultrasound results – print out ultrasound scan results showing pregnancy and expected delivery date
  • Medical certificate – written certification signed by doctor to confirm pregnancy

Submitting any of these documents together with your properly filled-out MAT 1 form completes your maternity notification filing. Make sure documents also indicate expected date of delivery to comply with the 60-day notification rule.

Where do I Send SSS Maternity Notification (MAT 1) Form?

You can file your SSS maternity notification through the following:

  • Online – Registered SSS members can submit MAT 1 form electronically through My.SSS website.
  • Employer – Give your MAT 1 form to your employer representative so they can receive and endorse it to SSS.
  • SSS Branch – Bring your MAT 1 form and documents personally to the nearest SSS branch in your location.

Once received, SSS will evaluate your maternity notification and inform you if it meets requirements or if any lacking documents. SSS will also provide next steps to facilitate processing of your maternity claims and benefits.

FAQs About SSS MAT 1 Form

Where can I download SSS MAT 1 form?

You can download the latest printable PDF copy of the MAT 1 form directly from the SSS website. Just go to and search for “MAT 1 Form.” Make sure to get the most recent revised version of the form.

When should I submit my maternity notification?

Submit MAT 1 form at least 60 days before your expected date of giving birth as indicated in your pregnancy test result or ultrasound scan.

How will I know if my SSS maternity notification is approved?

Once SSS receives your MAT 1, they will inform you through written notice if your maternity notification has been approved and processed.

Can I still file SSS maternity after giving birth?

Filing of MAT 1 should be done before giving birth. However, you can still notify SSS within 60 days after delivery through the MAT 2 form to claim maternity reimbursement. Late filing reduces benefit amounts.

That sums up the key details you need to know about properly filing your SSS MAT 1 Maternity Notification Form.

Ensuring you submit it complete with documents at least 60 days before birth means your maternity claims can be processed right away.

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