How Much Can I Contribute To Avail SSS Pension In Philippines?

Are you a Filipino citizen who is nearing retirement age? If so, it’s important to start thinking about the pension and retirement benefits available to you. One of these benefits is the Social Security System (SSS) Pension in the Philippines. In this article, we will explain how much you can contribute to avail yourself of this valuable benefit.

As a pension and retirement planner, I understand that making sure you receive all your due benefits when retiring is essential for financial security in later life. That’s why I’m here to provide some useful information on SSS pension contributions.

The first step towards getting an SSS Pension involves becoming an active member by contributing regularly to the system. To qualify for full monthly pensions from SSS, members must have at least 120 months of total contribution payments before they reach their required age limit: 60 for women and 65 for men, with not more than five years lacking in payment records.

So how exactly do you need to contribute each month? Read on as we answer this question and discuss other aspects of availing of an SSS Pension in the Philippines!

Overview Of SSS Pension

The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines provides an option to help ensure your financial future via your retirement plan. SSS Pension is offered through the Philippine government and allows members to enjoy benefits including monthly pension, disability compensation, survivors’ benefit, maternity leave, funeral grant, and more.

To be eligible for these benefits, though, you must meet certain criteria. To qualify for an SSS Pension Plan, applicants must have at least 120 months of contributions within the last 10 years before their date of retirement. This means that anyone who has made as little as one contribution every month since retiring can avail themselves of this great opportunity.

Additionally, all employers are mandated by law to remit contributions from their employees’ salaries under a unified system with the SSS. Given the number of benefits available and the amount required for eligibility, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to take advantage of this social security system here in the Philippines.

With proper planning and commitment to making regular payments into your account over time, you can reap big rewards when it comes time to retire!

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Eligibility Criteria

When it comes to availing of the SSS pension in the Philippines, understanding the eligibility criteria is key. To be eligible for an SSS pension, you must:

  1. Have paid 120 monthly contributions prior to your retirement age
  2. Be 60 years old and above (for males) or 55 years old and above (for females)
  3. Have stopped working due to permanent disability or illness that prevents you from engaging in any gainful occupation.

By meeting all these requirements, you can enjoy a range of benefits provided by SSS such as medical care coverage, maternity assistance, survivors’ pensions, disability benefits, funeral grants, and more.

If you are able to make enough contributions over time, at least 10% of your basic salary every month, then you’ll have access to greater rewards when claiming your pension later on down the line.

It’s important to remember that even if you meet all the eligibility criteria for an SSS pension today, things could change depending on how much money you contribute going forward.

So it pays to stay up-to-date with current regulations and keep track of your own personal contribution history so that when it comes time to apply for a pension, everything will go smoothly without any problems or delays.

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Required Contributions To Avail SSS Pension

In the Philippines, Social Security System (SSS) pension contributions are required in order to receive a pension. The amount of contribution necessary varies depending on the age and salary bracket of an individual.

Generally, those earning more than 15,000 pesos per month need to pay 1,760 pesos monthly for their SSS pension contribution. Those who earn up to 4,999 pesos each month need only 55 pesos per month as their contribution rate.

Aside from paying their regular contributions, individuals must also meet other requirements such as being employed or self-employed for at least 10 years. They should have paid at least 120 months of contributions before they reach 60 years old or 65 if female.

Any Filipino citizen aged 60 or older with valid proof that he or she has paid at least 120 monthly contributions can apply for an SSS Pension benefit provided all other requirements are met. It is important to note that any unpaid contributions will not be accepted so it is best to stay updated on your payments until you become eligible for a pension.

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Benefits Of SSS Pension

In order to qualify for a SSS pension, one must make contributions over the course of at least 120 months. This requirement is necessary in order to receive monthly income and financial security during retirement.

The following table highlights some of the benefits that are associated with having a valid SSS Pension:

Monthly IncomeA steady stream of cash flow each month
Financial SecurityPeace of mind knowing your future is secure
Medical Care CoverageAccess to medical services, including hospitalization assistance and reimbursement plans

Having an active SSS Pension provides many advantages to its members such as access to health care coverage and a steady source of income. Moreover, it serves as an additional layer of protection against unforeseen circumstances in life like job loss or unexpected medical expenses.

It also helps retirees have peace of mind when planning their finances because they know they can rely on their pension money whenever needed. Furthermore, this allows them more freedom to enjoy their lives without worrying about running out of funds due to aging or other reasons.

Lastly, contributing towards an SSS Pension is beneficial even after death since surviving relatives may be able to benefit from the deceased’s Social Security System membership if certain conditions are met.

The key takeaway here is that making regular contributions towards a SSS Pension plan offers numerous benefits throughout life’s journey and beyond, from increasing financial stability during retirement years to providing crucial support for family members who are left behind after passing away.

Having an active account with the Social Security System is essential for any Filipino citizen looking forward to enjoying a financially secure lifestyle both now and later in life.


The Social Security System (SSS) pension in the Philippines is a great way to ensure you have financial security during your retirement years. It’s important to understand all of the eligibility criteria and required contributions so that you can maximize your benefits and rewards when it comes time for you to retire.

If you are eligible for an SSS pension, you must make regular monthly payments into the system in order for it to be effective. The amount that you need to contribute will depend on your age, salary level, length of service with your employer, and other factors taken into consideration by the SSS.

Overall, contributing towards an SSS pension is a smart decision that can provide both peace of mind and financial stability during one’s golden years. As long as you meet all of the necessary requirements and take steps ahead of time to prepare yourself financially, there won’t be any surprises come retirement day!

Discover your estimated pension by utilizing the SSS Pension Calculator.

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